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How it Works

I enjoy working with the Grass Roots Teams that aren't really in the market to
purchase hundreds of shirts or deal with artwork and setup fees.
Most teams will only sell 10 or 20 pieces to family and friends.
I will do their artwork FREE in exchange for selling their products on this site.
If something does go viral or sells good, we will both know and work something out!!

This unique arrangement allows these teams to have the custom designs and neat items they otherwise couldn't afford. I also stand a chance at getting some of my artwork time back. The additional exposure never hurts either.  It's a Win, Win for everyone!

This offer may not last long, so take advantage of it while you can!

You can make a purchase of any of the items in the store at any time!
Some items can be personalized with your name or other options.

There are a couple ways to place a custom order with Viper Visuals

1) Add the products/items that you are interested to a shopping cart.
(Ex. If you want coffee mugs, mouse pads and pens, just find any one on
the site and add it to your cart. I will know exactly what you are wanting. )
   Do Not Purchase the items at this time! Contact me instead.
   I will review your cart and apply your custom graphics to just those items.
   (Be sure to enter either your email or phone# so I can contact you)

2) Contact me directly and I will custom design a package just for you.
If you don't want your design available to the public, that's fine too!

My rates are very reasonable and I can still get you the merchandise you want.
Pricing will vary depending on the quantity of items you are looking for.